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Lean Thinking in College Education

A couple things caught my eye recently: one being news about Toyota between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. The other was the application of Lean manufacturing techniques to education. As Birmingham continues to grow and increases its national standing for our great universities, I felt this was timely. You can find out more about about Lean Frog […]

The Pinnacle Schools-Teenage Drug/Alcohol Abuse Addiction Treatment

The Pinnacle Schools-Elk River Treatment Program Deals With Abuse Is your teenager addicted to drugs or alcohol? Do you fear that you will lose them to their addiction before you are able to provide help? The Pinnacle Schools in Huntsville Alabama are here to help steer your teenager in the right direction. You already know […]

Arming Teachers: Good Idea or Not?

This a reproduction of an article originally published here. There is no question about it, the shooting in Newton Connecticut was a tragedy, but it has raised questions about the wisdom of arming teachers. This hot debate is taking place across the nation as well as here in Huntsville, Alabama. There are plenty personal opinions […]

School for Troubled Teens

A friend of mine is having some problems with her teenager. She asked if I knew of any troubled teen schools. Unfortunately my partner is out of town right now and I’m kind of clueless on the subject.  I did some research and found a few topic links on the subject. Specifically I was looking […]

Alternate Schools for Troubled Teens

It’s a gut-wrenching experience for powerless parents to watch struggling teens spinning in negative space. While our society is fortunate to have troubled teen schools available, most parents aren’t aware of their diverse options. Even parents who know about alternate schools for troubled teens may get confused trying to make a decision. It boils down […]

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