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Chrysler Wants 93 Vipers Destroyed

Dang, it not just one Dodge Viper to be destroyed, it’s 93.¬†–chrysler-to-colleges-crush-93-viper-prototypes?icid=autos_5387

$250,000 Viper Ordered Crushed by Chrysler

Chrysler tell a community college it needs to destroy a rare Dodge Viper used for educational purposes. The Viper, worth $250,000, belongs to a community college, who recently got a letter from Chrysler saying the car must be crushed. Click here for rest of the story – I got to test drive a Viper […]

Top 5 Amusement Parks around Birmingham AL

Amusement parks have always been a combination of fun, adventure, intrigue and excitement. Over the last few decades, there has been a split of entertaining centers, such as water parks and skate parks, but the idea is still the same: Have fun and enjoy yourself. Splash Adventure is a great place to go for fun […]