Fiat of Huntsville Review

White Fiat Hatchback - 251x251Recently I did a review of a car site. A friend of mine was so excited about his new Fiat and the service he received he asked if he could write another car review. So here it is, a guest review from Tim Grinder. Be warned, it’s about Huntsville and not Birmingham.

It Was the Service That Sold Me on Fiat of Huntsville

Why would I drive to Huntsville to get a car? Great deal? Yes. Car I wanted on the lot? Yes! What I liked best about dealing with Fiat of Huntsville was the sheer amount of choice they had available. I’ve been to a few car dealerships in my time, sometimes kicking’ tires, and other times when I’m actually ready to buy. It’s not often that you will find such a range of vehicles, with staff that are knowledgeable about all of them.

Even though on my first visit I wasn’t quite ready to buy, I was upfront with the staff and they were still extremely helpful. I was able to test drive two of the Fiats (very, very nice to drive by the way. Compact, yet fun to handle), and i got a quick outline of the finance packages available, as well as warranty options for the car.

When I was ready to purchase, I went back to Fiat of Huntsville! I’ve already recommended the dealership to a few of my friends and family. It was the service that made all of the difference, and the fact that they didn’t treat me like an annoyance when I told them I wasn’t quite ready to buy.

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, don’t pass up the opportunity to go and see these guys.