Teaching Teenagers not to Drink and Drive

Today, teenagers drinking and driving is more serious than it ever has been before. Sadly, this is the cause for many teenage deaths each year, and this does not count all the innocent lives lost, when teenagers operate a vehicle under the influence. Issues with teens and drinking often lead to worse than a charge for DUI given to them by the police. This combined with driving could wind up with someone being injured or dying. Teenagers drinking excessively could cause violence, serious medical problems, and other issues. Today, parents are struggling with how to discourage their teenager from drinking alcohol and driving before it leads to a DUI ticket for their driving record. Below are some useful tips for parent to use to teach their teenagers not to drink and drive.

1. Be a Role Model

Parents need to be a role model for not drinking and driving first to be totally effective discouraging their teens. Make sure, as a parent, you do not ever drink and drive yourself. Teenagers spot hypocrisy real quick, so this means you always need to be responsible with your own drinking. When you drink, call a taxi or have a non-drinker drive you. You can set a good example for the kids this way.

2. Know Where Your Teenagers Are Driving to with the Car

Parents need to know where their teenagers are driving the car to also, as this will also discourage the kids from drinking and driving. After your teenager earns their license for driving, they might go to their friends’ houses on their own or take their friends with them to their favorite places in the car. Question your teenager as to where he or she is going and do not hesitate to call and make sure he or she is at that location. Have the right contact information to get a hold of your teen, if he or she does not have his or her own cell phone. Teenagers are not as apt to be given a DUI, when their parents keep tabs on them.

3. Educate Your Teenagers on Local Driving Laws

You need to understand your local laws on DUI. These laws then need to be taught to your teenager, so he or she understand what happens, if he or she is caught drinking and driving. Serious risk typically happen because of drunk driving such as fines, point on a driving record, possible jail time, and losing one’s driver’s license for a period of time. You teenager will think long and hard before drunk driving, when he or she fully understands the consequences for doing it.

4. Develop Your Own Punishment for Drinking

Your teenager should understand your punishment, if they drink and drive on top of the legal consequences. This will reinforce the legal consequences. Underage drinking is bad by itself let alone added drunk driving, as both are against the law and could place others in harm’s way. This should also be against the rules of the house, and you should have your own punishment for your teenager, if he or she is partaking in alcoholic beverages. You can use a warning at first, but then you need to enact revoking driving privileges or harsher punishments, if necessary. When you don’t discipline your teenager, when he or she is drinking, it could turn into a larger problem such as a DUI, car wreck, and possibly death.

Teenagers drinking and driving has become a huge problem and it take concerted effort to help them avoid such actions. Keep the tip in mind to help you discourage your teen from having a DUI or other problems cause when he or she drinks and drive before death occurs.