The Pinnacle Schools-Teenage Drug/Alcohol Abuse Addiction Treatment

The Pinnacle Schools-Elk River Treatment Program Deals With Abuse

Is your teenager addicted to drugs or alcohol? Do you fear that you will lose them to their addiction before you are able to provide help? The Pinnacle Schools in Huntsville Alabama are here to help steer your teenager in the right direction.
You already know that addiction to drugs or alcohol has a devastating effect on every aspect of a teen’s life. From their social and family life to their healthcare and self-esteem, an addict is at risk of disease and death every day. Going through detox and working through the recovery process is difficult, but it is something you can help your teen get through. It is something you must help them through if you want them to live the happy, healthy, fulfilling life they were meant to live.Studies have shown that addicts need to work through a multifaceted program in order to successfully recover and lead a healthy life. The Pinnacle Schools offer all required facets to addicted teenagers, including:
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Medication
  • Structured academics
  • Emotional support

You may provide emotional support to your teen, and that will help them, but experienced professionals are needed to ensure the other three facets are implemented correctly.

The Roots of Addiction

Do you know the root cause of your teen’s addiction? You may feel uncomfortable thinking about the emotional, painful things that may drive your child to turn to drugs or alcohol, but this is an important step of the addiction process. The Pinnacle Schools will help your child face the root causes of their addiction so they can solve their problems, heal their wounds, and move on from those obstacles.

You want the best treatment possible for your teen, and that is exactly what they will receive at The Pinnacle Schools. Dedicated, passionate, caring staff members will use their expertise in addiction to help your teenager transition from addiction to recovery; from pain to peace. This is more than a detox or recovery program. For everyone involved with the school, helping teenagers is a way of life.

The Devastation of Addiction

Kids as young as 12 years-old are now experimenting with drugs and alcohol as if it were harmless. They do not have the maturity to realize that what they do to their bodies today will negatively impact their lives in the future. Even though they hear stories of other people who become addicted and suffer tragic consequences, they do not have the maturity to realize that it could happen to them. It is that idealistic thinking that leads so many teens to believe they cannot be touched by anything negative.

Your teen may have thought that they could say no to the drugs or alcohol whenever they wanted to. They may now say that they can stop whenever they want to. Yet, you know the truth. You have watched their grades drop and received the phone calls from the school reporting their absences. You have watched them ditch good friends in order to chase their addiction. You have watched them become a different person.

What you can do to turn this downward spiral around is bring them to The Pinnacle Schools. Our professionals understand the teenage mind and will help your teen admit their addiction and step in the direction of recovery.

Treatment in the Great Outdoors

Studies have shown that addiction feels more like illness when treatment is provided in an indoor environment. Instead of cooping teens up inside hospitals or enclosed treatment facilities, The Pinnacles School treats teenagers in a healthy outdoor environment. Your teen will get to know and trust themselves in a new way as they become one with nature.

Addictive behavior is a mistake that your teen has made. There is no way to overturn that mistake or the decisions they have already made. What we can do is help your teen realize that they had the power to make choices that got them into the addiction, and they have the power to make new choices to overcome the addiction. Allow our experts to help your teenager realize the power that they have over their life. They may feel helpless now, but we will free them to make better choices for their future.

Today Is the Day for Help

There is no better time than today to get your teenager the help they need. Your child’s life is in danger every moment that they live with this addiction. Why wait another moment?

Put an end to the downward spiral of addiction in your child’s life. Call The Pinnacle Schools to discuss how our professionals can help your teenager think about their life differently. You know your teen will love you for providing this help once they return to a healthy state of mind.