Fiat of Huntsville Review

Recently I did a review of a car site. A friend of mine was so excited about his new Fiat and the service he received he asked if he could write another car review. So here it is, a guest review from Tim Grinder. Be warned, it’s about Huntsville and not Birmingham. It Was the […]

Teaching Teenagers not to Drink and Drive

Today, teenagers drinking and driving is more serious than it ever has been before. Sadly, this is the cause for many teenage deaths each year, and this does not count all the innocent lives lost, when teenagers operate a vehicle under the influence. Issues with teens and drinking often lead to worse than a charge […]

Landers McLarty Dodge Chrysler Jeep Review

I recently bought  a new car. I shopped Birmingham but ended up shopping and buying in Huntsville from Landers McLarty. Here is  a review I did of there site in case you are interested in shopping there. On the Landers McLarty Dodge Chrysler Jeep website, the first thing you notice is the price match guarantee. […]

Express Your Fashion Style with the Latest Trends in Fashion Jewelry

There’s nothing quite like purchasing a new piece of jewelry. After all, one piece of fashion jewelry has the ability to make an outfit stand out. The right jewelry can take your entire look from day to night. Of course, your jewelry is about more than dressing up your wardrobe – it’s also about letting […]

Chrysler Wants 93 Vipers Destroyed

Dang, it not just one Dodge Viper to be destroyed, it’s 93.–chrysler-to-colleges-crush-93-viper-prototypes?icid=autos_5387

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